Spectacular Activites

December 17 - 22

Elf Village – Christmas Crafts with Santa’s Elves
Pictures with Santa and Friends
Horse Carriage Rides
Adult and Children Escape Rooms

Elf Village

Ever wondered what elves do when they’re not making toys? They’re doing crafts! All your kids will enjoy doing age-appropriate crafts with our elves at our Christmas Spectacular. The elf village is in the MPR each night from 5-9pm.
*This attraction is FREE.

Pictures with Santa

Bring your camera to capture your kids’ 2021 moment with Santa and his elves!
Santa will be in our kid’s lobby every night from 5-9pm.

*This attraction is FREE.

Sleigh Rides

Dress warmly, and hop on our sleigh ride. The horses will take you around our building for an unforgettable 2021 winter experience!
*This attraction is FREE.

Escape rooms

Mrs. Claus Bakery (2-5 yr olds): One of Santa’s elves has been tasked to gather ingredients for Mrs. Claus’ Bakery. However, he is lost in a winter wonderland and needs your help! Mrs. Claus needs her ingredients to make enough cookies before Christmas for all those that live in the North Pole. It is your job to gather the ingredients to help Mrs. Claus make the cookies.

Christmas Mash-Up (6-11 yr olds): While the Grinch was trying to steal Christmas from Whoville, he accidentally opened a portal in the space-time continuum. When he did this, Christmas stories from different realms got jumbled up, and as a result, many Christmas characters and items ended up in the wrong dimensions. It is up to you to put the Christmas stories back in the right realms before time runs out, and Christmas as we know it is lost forever!

Room at the Inn: You have heard word that the child they call Jesus, with his parents, are at this inn. They are allowing people to meet Him, but things are getting dangerous. The local government has caught wind of Jesus and is now seeking him. They fear that if He grows up, He could threaten their power, or He must be removed. In order to keep his location safe from those that wish to harm him, things have been put in place to make it challenging to see Him. You must hurry because the government agents have noticed increased activity in this hotel and are on their way. Hurry and find a way into the hidden room before agents get here and Mary, Joseph, and Jesus must leave.

Shop the Market as a Shepherd: You are a group of shepherds who just recently saw the angels and are headed to Bethlehem. You all agree that you need to bring gifts to the newborn Christ child. The lead shepherd takes you to the market and gives you three things to get as gifts from there. Unfortunately, the only thing you have for trade is a few bundles of wool from your flock that are to be sold to the Quilter. So, you might need to trade or do tasks to get some of the items needed. Once you have the items, meet the lead shepherd at the Bakery and they can head to Bethlehem.

Shop the Market as a Wisemen: One of the 3 wisemen is your master. As the apprentice, he has tasked you with getting a gift to present to the Christ child – gold should be fitting. You get to the market and have to use your wit to prove yourself wise and get the gift.


Beginning December 5

December 1 - January 15

Every half hour from 5-10pm