Community Groups

Our Community Groups meet each Sunday at 9:30am. These groups meet to help you not only learn and grow in your faith, but also to provide an environment in which you can connect with a smaller group of people.

Ages 25 - 50


Room 207 | Taught by Pastor Ron, and Scott Levesque

Forward Motion

Room 208 | Taught by Chris Carter

Ages 50+


VIP Room | Taught by Tony Smith

New Life

Cafeteria | Taught by Glenn Clary

L.I.F.E. Class

Room 110 | Taught by Tom Cobaugh


Room 113 | Taught by Jackie Jewell

Not sure which class to attend?

We’d love to help you find a community here at ABT.

Meet our Pastors to Learn More!

The Front Door is an opportunity for guests to learn more about ABT while having lunch with our pastors. We’ll talk about our mission, vision, and values as well as how you can get plugged in to our church family. Lunch and child care (one-year-old and older) is provided.