Core Values

4 things that we want our nursery to be known for:


we want to be prompt, reliable, and consistent because we realize that you can’t serve, learn, or grow in the church if your little ones are distracting you or those around you.


we want to be a kind and welcoming as you drop off and pick up your children each week.

Over the top Intentional

we want to be intentional with the time that we have your children by engaging their minds and introducing them to the God of the Bible.

Safe & Secure

we want to create an environment where every parent has peace of mind leaving their most prized possessions with us.

We make a BIG deal about following Jesus

even to our tiniest members

One of Pastor Ron's goals is to build strong marriages that create strong families. It's because of this that we strive to empower and encourage parents to be the sole influencers in their children's lives and to disciple their children starting in these beginning years.

How do we empower parents to live this out?

We ask all parents of Tiny Kids to serve along side fellow parents and volunteers once a month. This gives you the opportunity to grow in community among families at your same stage of life, be an encouragement to fellow parents, and serve other parents who have additional ministries they are apart of just like many of you.

Parent Rotation

Our next 12-week rotation begins August 7 and goes through the end of October.


Members of our church with one or more children in our ministry; and parents who have been attending our church regularly for 4 months or longer with a child in our ministry.

We will reach out to you at the beginning of a new parent rotation with details on serving.

Please arrive 20 minutes before the service you are scheduled to serve at (Sundays at 9:10am or 10:40am, Wednesdays at 6:40pm)

When you arrive, the Service Lead will let you know which room you will be volunteering in. 

Our goal is to keep you with the similar age group that you prefer each time you serve in our ministry so that you can grow familiar and comfortable serving in our ministry. 




We acknowledge dads as an integral role in the home and family; therefore we encourage and welcome dads to serve alongside us in our ministry as we care for their little ones. 

First, congratulations! Children are a gift from the Lord and we could not be more happy for you and your growing family!

Our rule of thumb is that we don’t schedule moms to serve past 34 weeks pregnant and we wait until after 8 weeks postpartum before we put them back on rotation. We understand that every pregnancy and recovery is very different so if you’re experiencing complications or concerns, please just let us know.

If you are a table leader in one of our Community Groups: Because many of our parents are serve during this hour, we ask that you serve one of your three services during the 9:30 hour. We have discussed this policy with all of our Community Group leaders. If for some reason we have you on the schedule at 9:30 more than once a rotation, please let us know!

If you serve in Youth at 9:30am: Because many of our parents are serve during this hour, and additionally because youth also meets on Wednesdays, we ask that you serve one of your three services during the 9:30 service. If for some reason we have you on the schedule at 9:30 more than once a rotation, please let us know!

If you serve in KIDS ministry: because of the nature of your ministry, we do not schedule you during the hour that you serve in KIDS ministry. We will schedule you during the other 2 service times.

If you serve with Guest Services: After you’ve confirmed the dates you are scheduled to serve, we communicate that with Danielle to avoid a conflict of scheduling down the road.

If you serve on the worship team: When we send you dates to confirm, if there is a conflict with your worship schedule, please let us know.

We background check all adults who will be serving in any of our rooms – volunteers, moms and dads alike.

If you have not had a chance to fill out a background check and are needing to, you can print and fill out this form and email it to or turn it in to the Service Lead the next time you are at church.

We encourage our parents to wear any ABT gear they may have – tshirts or sweatshirts; however this is not mandatory. 

If you do not have an ABT shirt and would like one, let us know and we will get a shirt to you the morning you serve for any future dates.

Safety is incredibly important to us which is why it is one of our core values. We have taken the time to vet each adult serving in our ministry and require them to have a background check no matter what.

**We do allow females to help with potty time and diaper changing; however male adults are not permitted to help change diapers or assist in the bathroom. There should be a female in the room at all times who can help the children with potty time.

More information about this policy and other policies can be found in our handbook.

We care about you and your family, and we want to help you grow together. As a FREE gift, we are giving you access to more than 10,000 teaching and devotional videos for all ages. You’ll find material on everything from parenting to relationships to finances and family. As well as a library full of faith-based, age-appropriate kids shows.

Music Playlists

You can find more age-specific playlists on our ABT Tiny Kids Spotify account!
Below is our Toddler 2/3 Playlist.