Core Values

4 things that we want our nursery to be known for:


we want to be prompt, reliable, and consistent because parents can’t can’t serve, learn, or grow if their little ones are distracting them or those around them.


we want to be a kind and welcoming as parents drop off and pick up their children each week.

Over the top Intentional

we want to be intentional with the time that we have these children by engaging their minds and introducing them to the God of the Bible.

Safe & Secure

we want to create an environment where every parent has peace of mind leaving their most prized possessions with us.

Join our Crew!

We are always looking for people who love the Tiny Kid stage, playing with kiddos, and teaching them about the God of the Bible.
If that's you - come serve in our ministry one Sunday "commitment-free" to see if you would like to join our Crew!

Current Volunteer Schedule

Bible Stories & Lessons

We use the Beginner's Gospel Story Bible from our Runners to Toddler 3 rooms as a tool to teach God's Word to our Tiny Kids. Click the link below for a digital version of our Bible book.

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